What is work from home and remote work?

In some corporate cultures, the terms "working from home" and "remote working" are considered to be two different things.

Working from home, they say, is a temporary measure in which employees who are usually office-based carry out their work from the comfort of their home for a short period of time, always with the intention of later returning to the office.

This might also apply to those people whose typical working life sees them spending some of their time in the office and the rest of their time at home. This hybrid approach allows employees to enjoy the best of both words - the flexibility of working from home with the practicality of being in a physical environment for meetings and other essential engagements.

Remote working is generally considered to be a more permanent solution. Rather than commuting to the office to get work done, employees are permanently based at home (or another location) and carry out that same work without ever needing to visit the actual office.

For the purposes of this course, we're going to use the terms "working from home" and "remote working" interchangeably.

You may also see us use terms such as "telecommuting," "teleworking" and virtual working, all of which mean the same thing and are sometimes used by companies to describe a process by which their employees work from a location other than that company's physical office space.

What Remote Working Isn't

Of course, if we're going to talk about what remote working is then it's just as important to address what it isn't.

In some cultures, the idea of "working from home" is often met with a nudge, wink, and a sly smile, as if it's really an unspoken code for saying "I'm going to log into our system but spend the whole day with my feet up watching Netflix."

That's really not what this is about.

While it's certainly true that you may be more comfortable working from home than in an office, it certainly doesn't mean that you'll be able to get away with taking an unscheduled day off or doing the bare minimum. 

Remote work is a legitimate approach to carrying out the operations of a business that requires you to demonstrate certain skills, standards, and qualities, all of which make you a valuable asset to your team.

This course is designed to teach you exactly what those required skills, standards, and qualities are, what you can expect from your new career as a virtual worker, and how you can learn to succeed in a rapidly-growing industry.

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