Part 1 Review: What Did You Learn Today?

Well done on making it to the end of the first part of this course. You're off to a great start and will no doubt be on your way to a new work-from-home career in no time. 

Before we move on to the next part of the course, let's take a minute to reflect on what you've learned today.

We started by defining what remote is and what it isn't. 

We looked at how remote working requires effort, dedication, focus, and commitment and how it isn't just an excuse to take an unscheduled day off or spend all your time binge-watching Netflix while pretending to be working.

We discussed why work from home jobs are growing and why, even though the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work a temporary necessity, the freedom, flexibility, and savings of time and cost that it affords means it's more likely to be a long-term permanent solution for many organizations.

Moving on, we looked at more of the skills and personal qualities that you'll need to successfully work from home, including discipline, good communication skills, and the ability to be a team player, before finally finishing up with a look at the different types of remote jobs and where to find them.

How much can you remember from what you've learned today?

Before you move on to part two, test your knowledge with a quick 10 question quiz!

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